As a coffee shops, supermarkets and bars chain that thrives from a vision to grant the customer with quality products, pleasant buying experience and a fair, fixed price for everyone, Cofix is leading the consumer revolution. In Israel, we have over 100 of active branches and dozens more just about to be launched, our Israeli customers may find themselves eating, drinking and doing their supermarket shopping for only 6 NIS for each product. (coffee drinks, sandwiches, pastries, stews, juices, health products, desserts, ice cream, dairy, breads, fruits, vegetables, snacks, non-food products etc)

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Headquarters: Israel, Kfar Saba, 34th Wietzman st.

“It all started when I was driving across the country and stopped by a convenience store located in a gas station, I had another person accompanying me and fifty NIS in my pocket. I ordered a hot cup of coffee & a cupcake, and he ordered cold coffee & a pack of chewing gum. After receiving the check, I returned to my car to get more money…”. Avi Katz, Founder of Cofix

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